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Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews, Ratings & Buyers Guide


There is a lot of great things that come along with motorcycles, a lot of which relate to the idea that it is a thrilling hobby without a doubt.  That being said, when great power comes great responsibility, which is why we’re here to talk a lot about the best motorcycle helmets and what we should be learning about them.  It’s all part of making the most out of the hobby so that you can live to get on your bike for another day.  Here are some safe and well loved cool motorcycle helmets so that you can make the most out of them.


The first thing you should know, however, is that this is a safe space for all those who are into motorcycles and all of the great things that they can offer.  So, when you see comments or opinions on helmets (as well as other related topics that will eventually sneak in), they’re all honest and unbiased, all connected to real thoughts and opinions so that you can trust what you are reading them.  That means a lot with all of the fake and bought reviews and comments online now days.  Do you feel better?  Excellent, than let’s get looking at the best motorcycle helmets for motorcyclists just like you.

Motorcycle Helmet Brands

What Are the Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands?

The first thing that you need to educate yourself on is all of the various brands out there that are out there, and you need to understand that quality and reputation means everything.  If you are considering buying a helmet by a brand that you’ve never heard of, there’s a reason you’ve never heard of it.  Go with one with a reputable background and great ratings.  Some of the biggest brands on the market are:


– Arai: This is considered one of the giant companies in producing top of the line quality helmets. It is Japan-based, and has a large market.  It is the most popular option for helmets and has all of the certifications that you are going to want to have so that you and your loved ones have peace of mind.  In production since 1926, they’ve got this down to a science, wouldn’t you agree?



– AGV: This is a company that originally started out by making leather quality seats for motorcycles, but once they switched to helmets, they really took off. This is often the preferred company for professional motorcyclists, and it is a popular one for recreational ones as well.  Definitely a great option to consider.


– Bell: This is a company who works at a solid package. They offer great accessories for motorcyclists, but they really do keep their prime focus on putting together quality helmets.  In business since 1954, Bell is popular with professional and recreational riders.  Their attention to detail and constantly evolving helmet designs make them a solid option to consider.


– HJC: This is a unique brand that really works to keep helmets affordable for everybody. They’ve been working hard to keep their prices reasonable, which is great for holding interest, but they keep a surprising amount of quality, too, offering the best that they can in both realms.  It makes them a budget friendly option.


– KBC: This is a young brand, but they’re making their mark already with fantastic designs that focused on putting together the best designs and modern must haves in technology. This is a great option to consider if you are looking for fresh look and feel and a safety guarantee.


– Nolan: This is Italy-based and holds a solid grip on over 50% of the market in Europe. It has a quality that is almost unmatched, all of the certifications that could be looking for and is definitely on the list of cool motorcycle helmets.


– Shark: These are quality helmets that also focus mostly in Europe and the market there. They are popular worldwide, and have all of the modern needs met in terms of safety and quality.


– Shoei: Smaller than a lot of the companies out there, this is a great option for budgets again, but it still gives you the quality that you are going to need in order to trust it properly. A great option to consider for a quality and affordable helmet.

Motorcycle Helmet types

Motorcycle Helmet Types Available



Alright, so you’ve taken a look at the big brands, which is great, but now you need to see if you can narrow in your search a little more with the best motorcycle helmet in terms of its type.  There are several kinds to educate yourself on, so take a look at and make your pick:


– Open Face: This is a helmet that will cover the head and neck, but leaving the face open. There is often a plexiglass option to cover the face for even more safety.  These are often enjoyed because they are so lightweight.


– Half Helmet: This is similar to an open face helmet. It covers the crown of the head, so the face as well as the back of the head are exposed.  It doesn’t offer a lot of coverage compared to a full face helmet, but is certainly better than nothing.


– Full Face Helmet: This has the most protection you are going to find in a helmet. It covers the entire face and neck and while it can be heavy, it is often the recommended option for those who are worried about safety.  It is very beneficial in collisions or crashes.  It also protects you from temperate changes, especially the cold.


– Modular Helmet: Similar to what you just read, modular helmets are excellent for their coverage, but the difference is that you can flip of the face visor. These are the most popular options out there right now.


– Dirt Bike Helmet: These are very heavy duty and are all about protecting the face, head and neck. Since there are more collisions likely when you are off roading, this is much more protected to keep you from harm.  They are often heavy, but they do the trick, which is the point.


The thing about picking out a motorcycle helmet is that it really is a personal choice.  No matter how nonchalant you may think you are, the definition of best motorcycle helmet is going to vary from person to person, as well as from year to year.  You need to think carefully about what you are looking for, read reviews, and listen to what other riders have to offer on the different kinds of helmets.  Safety is key with helmets, so get a good brand and get the right kind of helmet for you and your needs.



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