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Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Reviews

If you are a serious rider, then you know the importance of having good quality motorcycle helmet speakers.  They are useful for all sorts of reasons, including talking to loved ones on the road, listening to your favourite tunes, hearing GPS navigational information and more.  There are a lot of great options that you can find for the best motorcycle helmet speakers out there, but “best” is going to mean something different to each person.  So, we’ve done the work to make you a list of some great, quality motorcycle speakers that are going to really impress you with what they can offer you.  Take a look at the top options that we’ve identified on the market today:


Shark Motorcycle Audio shklxh1 Radio Headset Kit for Half-face Helmet

SharkMotorcycleAudio shklxh1 Radio Headset Kit for Half face HelmetThis is a helmet speaker system that works well with a half-faced helmet – great for those who are serious fans of the half-helmet style and comfort.  These particular speakers are meant for MP3 listening while riding.  This set is optimized to give you a clear sound with easy to use volume controls that will make it all convenient for you.  They will easily pop in and out of your helmet, too.

You will enjoy the noise reduction that you’ll get from these speakers, superior than some of the options that you’ll find in the same price range.  Over all, this speaker system is well loved and admired for its superior sound quality, ease of control for volume, and its low price tag.  It is quite a bit cheaper than a lot of the competition out there to choose from.

The main downfall of this particular model is that it may not work well if you have a very loud bike to begin with.  This, combined with highway speeds is going to make it hard to actually hear the music when you get going.  It’s a great option, however, to start you out, and you could always look into an amplifier, if you needed to.


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Tork X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Tork X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

A little higher on the food chain in terms of what they’re offering the modern day biker, this speaker system really features a lot of great perks for the music snob.  It has a superior quality sound rating that will give you a realistic and clear sound right in your helmet.  You will find that the bass line is especially prioritized with this helmet gear, giving you a full sound without going overboard.  They are designed to use simple velcro to go into your helmet and are considered to be cheap in terms of their competition.

The only downfall with this particular speaker system if you want something that is well priced but gives a good sound, is that it may be a little big for some helmets out there, meaning you will have to do a few modifications to make it fit comfortable inside.


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Outdoor Tech OT0032 Chips – Universal Wireless Helmet Audio System

This is a fantastic and well priced option if you are looking for stellar audio quality.  It’s got easy-use buttons to keep you safe but connected, an auto-connect option to the last device contacted that you can enable if you want to, and a great microphone.  It really offers you a solid option if you are willing to pay for it more than just your straight speaker system. 

You’ll be able to get 10 hours of straight use out of it, it has a fast-charging battery, and is wireless for modern convenience.  You’ll get great audio phone calls out of these system, the only downfall because that it may be hard to hear the calls if your helmet makes a lot of wind noise.  It’s definitely an option to consider specifically for an audio function.


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IASUS XSound 3 High Def Helmet Speakers


IASUS XSound 3 High Def Helmet SpeakersFor top of the line speakers that will give you the best audio you’ve ever heard, including professional grade ear buds that you’ve drooled over in the store, this is the system that you need to look at.  It’s got stellar audio quality and is durable, made from high quality materials that will last you a long time of heavy usage, which is great for all those interested in having their background tracks going from the start of the right to the finish.  You’ll also love the thin and modern design that makes it great for slipping into your helmet.

The only con with this is that there is no volume control, so you have to make do with what the device can offer you specifically.  It may seem a downfall, but it just depends on what you’re looking for.


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Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset/Intercom

Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset/Intercom

A neat set of headphones that can be paired up to 4 other headsets to make intercommunication possible on the road, this is great for everything rom calls ot music to GPS device options.  It’s easily top of the line in terms of waht it can offer.  It will give you 12 hours of talk time on a single charge and can read upto 900 m in terms of its range, making it superior quality, there.  You’ll get a good sound and a good mic from this set, making it a worthwhile investment if you want something that is going to give you a little bit of everything.

The only downfall is that it does have a bit of a price tag that is going to deter some enthusiasts away.  It all comes down to understanding what you are looking for.  It’s definitely worthwhile to check out for top of the line.


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As you can see, each speaker system is just different enough to give you options.  So, take a look at these top models and see if you can find the right one for you, your price range, your habits, and your wants.  There’s a lot to choose from, but you’ll make the right choice for you if you take your time and do it carefully.

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