Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets

Shoei dual sport motorcycle helmetFor the long distance trip, Shoei’s Hornet DS Dual Sport Helmet can be the best and going to be tough to beat. 

We try not to make that declaration too often, recognizing that what is best might not be for someone else. That being said, the Shoei Hornet continually impressed us more that any other Dual Sport helmet we have tried. The main reasons are:


3- Point Peak Mounting – We have need to mention this first, as we think the 3 points where the Hornet’s “peak” (the visor or sunblocker) are connected are part of what keeps it so smooth and without flutter or vibration. Other dual sport helmets we have tried have only left and right contact points (typically plastic screws around the ears) that can get caught in certain crosswinds and speeds and start to flutter to the point that it is actually painful, even not mentioning “dangerous”. The Hornet DS has a third mounting point though, and a rigid design to keep this fluttering from ever starting. In other words, the Hornet’s peak cuts through the air best, stays stable and does not vibrate. 


Peak. Yeah, the Peak! – For blocking the sun, some riders like those flip down sun shields which retract into the helmet and some rely on sunglasses only. We recommend to use a dual sport type of helmet for that time of day when the sun is just getting to an annoying & dangerous declination, and neither sunglasses nor a retractable sun shield will suffice. Some riders may could handle driving into the sunlight better when they were in a younger age, but later it seems they would need welding goggles to do so. Obviously welding goggles are not reasonable. With just a tilt of the head though when heading into the sun, the Hornet’s “peak” lets riders to knock out the bright sun so that they do not even need sunglasses then. Certainly, this requests some tilt and adjust because they go around curves and change the angle to which they face the sun, however this constant adjusting became almost “automatic” quite quickly.


Versatility – That’s why adventure riders choose these dual sport helmets in the first place.

When they are getting into a dusty and dirty riding situation, the large face opening lets them fit goggles into the helmet and better keep the dust out of their eyes, although goggles somehow still do not completely keep the dust out. 

If they ever really wanted to, they could take the peak off completely and have what is essentially a streamlined street helmet. As the helmet is already quite streamline to begin with, so it doesn’t really need to be done.

As mentioned above, some riders do not even need sunglasses when riding into the sun, so if they were misplaced or left behind, those riders still riding … safely!


For some reason, it means that the head shape seems to also be a ‘Shoei” type, as the other leading brands have never been as comfortable as this. Some users have ridden this helmet on some long motorcycle trips and can stay in it for 15+ hours per day if have to. If you want to try one for yourself, you can click the link for Shoei’s Hornet DS and find it out yourself.