Motorcycle Helmet Protecting You

Is Your Motorcycle Helmet Really Protecting You?

Let’s take a moment and really be honest about something when it comes to the motorcycle helmets that we own right now.  Did you buy it because it was practical, a good price, or because it looked good?  Exactly, it’s probably one of these options, with one or two points going towards all three.  It’s totally normal to lean towards the cool motorcycle helmets, since we want to look the part when the time comes to climb on and enjoy a ride, but what’s more important is to remember that the best motorcycle helmets out there are the ones that are actually going to do the job if you get in a crash.


1. Price should not be your only factor

A lot of people think that an expensive helmet guarantees that you are going to be getting the best helmet in terms of its protection.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  In a lot of situations, those nigh priced helmets will be okay, but they won’t give you all that you are looking for in safety, because a lot of the high price has to do with the bells and whistles of the helmet itself.  You need to make sure that you are paying the price you are because its safety is the number one priority.  This is why research and competition research is so important!


2. Make sure you have the right size

Sizing is another great way to make sure that you have helmet that is going to protect you.  A lot of people tend to get one that is too big because they’re trying to avoid helmet hair or they want there to be enough room to be comfortable, but this is something that you need to look at as seriously as you do when it comes to materials.  You need to have the right size so that it’ll properly protect you in case of an accident, serious or otherwise.  This is why when you are buying a helmet online, it’s best to look at the exact same model in stores and make sure that it is a perfect fit before buying it online.


3. Replace your helmet regularly

It’s common to think that you can just buy the best motorcycle helmet on the market and then wear it forever, but you need to remember that like anything else (especially something that you wear a lot, and out in the elements), the materials are going to degrade and leave you being vulnerable to damage and injury.  In order to keep yourself safe and protected at all times, you need to be prepared to replace it every five years from the manufacture date.  Make sure you know the date of the manufacture before you buy it, so that you are getting the most time and use out of your purchase.  You may not think that this is as important as we’re making it, but when it comes to your life and safety, it’s best to be safe rather than sorry and keep yourself within these five years.


4. Keep your face protected

The half helmet is a popular type of helmet, but you really need to think about a full face helmet or, at least, a flip up helmet when it comes to the quality and safety you are getting.  Sure, these tend to be a little warmer and you you can’t feel the fresh air as much as you’d like, but if you get in an accident, the full coverage helmet is going to make a huge difference in whether or not you survive it or not.  Even a flip up helmet is going to make a difference in your safety level, so if you really want the option of having your face free, you should at least consider the flip up visor helmet.  It’s safer than the open face helmet.


5. Replace your visor regularly

If you have a visor on your helmet, this is going to be something that you will have to replace regularly.  It will get scratched and worn out, making it vulnerable in case of an accident.  Also make sure that you get the right kind of visor for your environment (fogging protection, for example).  As far as a rule of thumb goes, you need to make sure that you replace your visor every year, or shorter if you see a deep scratch or crack in it.  This will keep you safe.


6. Get a brightly coloured helmet

Most people want to hide their helmet and get a muted colour, or match it to their bike, but the best way to make sure that you are properly noticed by cars and other people on the road is to get a really brightly coloured motorcycle helmet and allow it to pop out amongst the crowd.  Yes, you may feel self-conscious, but safety has to come first.  You need to make sure that other motorists can see you at all times so that you know you are going to be seen and avoided by cars.  It may seem over the top, but it will make a lot of sense, especially if you’ve ever been in a car and nearly hit a motorcycle because the colours were all blended together and hard to distinguish.  It’s easy to do, so get a brightly coloured helmet and make yourself stand out and stay safe.


When it comes to picking out the perfect helmet, everyone is a little different.  These are some great tips to help you make sure that you always make safety and security a priority so that if you get in an accident, you live to ride another day.  Even if you’ve only had a minor spill or a small accident, you’ll know the true value in having a reliable helmet to break your fall.  It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, accidents happen all the time and you need to protect yourself against them.