To Ride Alone or to Join a Motorcycle Club?

Same as there are many different motorcycles, there are also many different bikers out there. Some of us ride casually, some of us live to ride. Some of us prefer long road trips on the bikes, some of us use bikes for daily commuting. Some of us prefer to ride alone and some of us like to be a part of a motorcycle clubs.

There are many motorcycle clubs today, and although being part of a club can be so much fun it can also be very stressful for some people. So let’s see what are the perks of joining a motorcycle club and what are the perks of riding alone.

Perks of motorcycle clubs

motorcycle clubs



The first thing that any biker that’s part of a club will tell you if you ask him what are the pros for joining the club is BROTHERHOOD. Most of the bikers in the clubs consider each other brothers. It is very nice to think of a set of brothers that will always be there for you.

Most of the other social circles don’t have this type of bondage between the members. But friendship and brotherhood are the foundation of motorcycle clubs. That’s what the bike clubs are all about.

Riding in a group – responsibility and discipline

motorcyclist riding in a group


The members of the bike clubs usually ride in a group. For this kind of activity to function, everyone has to follow the specific order. To be the part of the group, you need to rise above your personal prejudices and to respect everyone.

This kind of behavior makes you disciplined and responsible, which can affect all the other aspects of your life positively. The most beautiful thing is, this is not forced on you but self imposed because of the love for bikes and liberty that you share with your brothers.

Safe rides

It is obvious that the group rides are much safer. For example, if something happens to your bike, there is always someone who will help you fix it and continue the ride. If you get into a trouble there is always someone watching your back.

And if you just think about it, there is something noble in that spirit. Knowing that someone’s got your back and you got theirs makes you feel like the part of something bigger than yourself.

More machines

more motorcycles


Everyone loves their bikes, but everyone also likes to try someone else’s machine as well. Being the member of a biker club enables you to do that. With so many bikers, there are so many bikes. And everyone in the club considers you a brother so why not let you try their bike. It’s just beautiful.

Not only that you get to try out many different fine tuned bikes, but you can also learn a lot about mechanical details and maintenance. This can also give you more ideas about customization of your own bike.


You ride with your buddies, you meet new and interesting people, and you party like an animal. Yes, the bikers have the most insane parties ever. The positive atmosphere between the brothers makes any party great, whether it’s just hanging out in a bar or an organized rock concert where all the bike clubs are welcome.

The best part is, there is always one of your brothers there to prevent you from riding if you had a few drinks.

“No road is too long when you have good company”

Everything is better when you share it with someone, even happiness. The ride with your buddies will bring you lots of happy and memorable moments. You will share some of the most precious moments and one day you will have someone to remember those moments with.

Perks of riding alone

riding alone

No drama

Believe it or not, but there is a lot of drama involved when it comes to motorcycle clubs. Members can sometimes be extremely dramatic and they can have a beef with some other member or another club. Sometimes it can even escalate to violence. When you are riding alone you are not exposed to that kind of behavior and there is a lot less drama in your life.


riding alone

Motorcycle clubs have meetings, rides, parties, and many different activities that are time-consuming. When you are young and wild this is not a problem at all, but with wife and children comes responsibility and you will not have so much time for club activities.

When you are a solo rider you can manage your time however you want. You can ride in your free time and still leave enough time for your family and job.

Stigma surrounding the bike clubs

Some of the motorcycle clubs are monitored by the police. If you join one of the “one percenters” clubs the chances are that you will too be monitored by the police. It is no secret that some of these clubs are involved in criminal activities and the police are well aware of that.

It doesn’t matter if you yourself are not involved in any criminal activities, just by wearing the colors of the club can sometimes get you in trouble.

Ride your own routes and speed

ride your own routes

No matter how cool and safe riding in a group can be, sometimes you just want to stop and relax. If you stop to relax because you feel tired there are minimal chances that you will catch up with the rest of the group unless you ride very fast which is not safe at all.

When you are riding alone, you can stop whenever you want to stretch your legs or have a cigarette. You can even set the camp on the side of the road if you want to sleep and no one will be there to give you a hard time because of that. You can choose your own routes and ride wherever you want.


Take your time before you decide whether to join the club or to continue riding solo. Consider the perks of both and think about it very good. If you decide to join the club, be sure you are ready to be committed. And remember that sometimes it can be really difficult to get accepted into a club, and sometimes it can be even harder to get out.