Motorcycle Helmet Buyers Guide

Components That Make Up A Helmet

The thing about a helmet is that it is a safety feature.  You don’t wear them because they’re fashionable, after all – though a lot of them are now days.  So, when you’re designing and looking through all of the different helmet options, you need to make sure that you are narrowing in on the specs that you want your dream motorcycle helmet to have.  Part of that is knowing what makes up your dream design in terms of the different layers that you can add on.  The different parts of te motorcycle helmet are:


  1. Outer shell:This is the lining on the outside that is hard and made from something such as thermoplastics.  This is the part of the helmet that is responsible for resisting impact.  In a crash, this will compress, and help better absorb the impact.
  2. Impact liner:This is where the “meat and bones” of the helmet lies.  This liner, as the name suggests, is responsible in a crash for absorbing the shock of an impact.  As such, it is very susceptible to a shock and when is easily compromised.  
  3. Comfort padding: This is often a great help to getting the helmet to fit properly, and is also responsible for making the fit more comfortable, like the name would suggest.
  4. Retention strap:This part of the helmet that loops around the chin and holds the helmet in place on your head, which is critical for your safety.  This is one of the most important parts of the helmet to fit properly.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Buyers Guide 

Factors to consider when buying Helmet

Without a doubt, these are the most important parts of a helmet and when you are looking at the options in front of you in a store, if you prioritize all of these parts, you’ll have a safe helmet that will give you that peace of mind that you’ll need to rest and relax knowing you’ve taken care of your safety properly.  Other things to look for to make sure that you’ve got a good quality helmet are:


  1. Proper certifications:
    Remember that the whole point of a helmet is Snell approved dotto make sure that you are taken care of when it comes to the worst case scenario of getting in a crash.  As such, you’re going to want to be looking for certifications with approval and testing in DOT, Snell, and ECE 22.05.  These are just a few of the options, but when you see these in the description of your helmet, you know that you are going to be guaranteed to have the quality and assurance that you’re looking for.
  2. The right style for your ride:
    There are many different kinds of helmets out there that offer different fits and comforts.  The kind of helmet that you should strongly consider to give you the right toss up between security and safety, and comfort, is the modular helmet.  This will carefully protect you from the risks while giving you the lightweight must have for those that don’t want to be held back by the heavy safety of the full coverage helmet.
  3. Make sure it fits:
    Last but not least, you’ll going to have to be particular about the sizing of your helmet.  When it comes to ordering one online, you are going to need to measure yourself properly and get the one that fits the closest in the provided chart.  Ideally, getting a custom made helmet is the way to go because you know that it will fit you as snug as can be.  The better the more likely you are to wear it, and the most impactful it is in the crash.


The thing about a motorcycle helmet, its parts, and its fit is that you aren’t playing around with “who’s looks prettier?”  This can often be the only defence against life and death when it comes to brain function, and we all know how fast a crash can happen.  If you want to make sure that you are always keeping the safety element in mind with a crash and the damages, you’ll have to start with a good quality helmet that is going to keep you safe and protected from the worst case scenario.  These details should help you make things a little easier and get you closer to making the right decision on what kind of helmet is going to help you out the most.

Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

To get you looking at what helmets are out there with great safety and style ratings that you can depend on, here are some great options to take a look at for your own benefit.


Shoei Solid Qwest Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet:

Shoei Solid QwestThis is a great helmet from a brand that is all about giving their customers what they’re looking for.  Around for a while, Shoei always seems to know what riders are looking for, and caters to those needs perfectly.

This helmet has a great noise reduction when the visor is down over the face.  It has been engineered with cutting edge technologies that make this a superior option for noise reduction which is great for comfort as well as concentration on the road while riding.  Snell approved, this helmet withstands the strict rules and regulations that give it this certification.  

The helmet is made from AIM+ as well as CE-1 in the visor, which is ideal for those modern standards that we hold onto in terms of comfort and safety.  There is also give sizes to choose from so that you can pick the best option for a good fit.

You’ll be getting great ventilation as well, an important fact for those that are riding for long periods of time and need a comfortable shift and change in their riding enjoyment.  Humidity and heat will stay outside the helmet where they belong.  A breathing guard also gives a great feel.

There is a two toned liner of EPS that is topped by a detailed comfort liner to give all those who want to try it, a great fit and enjoyable experience as soon as it is put on.  It truly is creating the best experience in comfort and top of the line security.

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Shoei Metallic Neotec Road Race Motorcycle Helmet:

Another top of the line helmet from the same company Shoei Metallic Neotec Road Race Motorcycle Helmet(can you see a trend forming?), this is a well-loved model because it has a comfortable and minimalist design.

It offers a modular fit and style – great for those who want full coverage and the convenience of a visor that lifts.  It’s also got cutting edge aerodynamics with are fantastic for reduction win, noise and wind resistance.  If you want to go fast, this is something to consider.

You’ll be getting UV protection and a sun shield, not to mention removable and washable liners to help you get a great fit with the best comfort available on the market.  

Last ut not least, you’ll be getting the biggest option to choose from in sizing and colour so that you are going to be riding in style and comfort from the moment you put it on your head.

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Arai Vector 2 Solid Helmet:

Arai Vector 2 Solid HelmetSafety is no small thing when you are taking a look at this helmet and all of the things it can offer you.  It’s got the approval of DOT, and it has a great CLC shell that will give you an enhanced fit to help you stay safe and comfortable in long and short rides both.

With a great quality ventilation system in the most convenient system, you won’t have to worry about something as amateur as fogginess inside the helmet.  This also adds on to the fact that it has better visibility than a lot of models out there that are looking for a way to get their market.  Arai really does focus on giving the best of the best.

Combine this with comfortable removable cheek pads for an enhanced fit, you’ve really got a fully package.  Amongst the “affordable helmets”, this is often one of the best reviewed ones because it offers what you’re looking for in style.

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HJC Solid Men’s CL-17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet:

Another affordable great option for the biker on a budget, HJC Solid Mens CL 17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmetthis model offers a strong polycarbonate shell that will offer a lightweight feel, but the resistance will be the right calibre that you’d be looking for in the top of the line models.  The wind resistance is kept to minimal levels with its sleek look and feel as well.

There is a great ventilation system in this helmet to make sure that the air moves comfortably from front to back of the helmet.  Anti-fog technology is enhanced, too, with a the vents at chin level.  The safety and comfort padding at the cheeks and along the brow are easily removed and washed and even have grooves in them to allow for glasses to fit comfortably.

Lastly, safety comes first.  With a DOT and Snell approval, you’re getting the best protection out there at an affordable price tag.

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Shoei RF-1200 Helmet:

Shoei RF 1200 HelmetThis is a helmet that is often seen as the investment of a lifetime for long term riders.  It’s got a big price tag on it, but it’s got amazing features to make it the very best option out there for those who want to make an investment once and then leave it be for their entire motorcycle lifetime.  

This has a great compact design that offers a great shell protection as well as comfortable liners inside that give a great look and feel to you style and look.  The ventilation also has what you’re looking for with over 10 different vents and a great liner that will give you great breathing capacity and a good fit.  Hard to beat that, right?

You’ll have a great aerodynamic fit that will please you when it comes to long term rides, and a great noise reduction system that relieves mental and physical fatigue while on the road.

Lastly, the DOT approval is a great piece of mind if you’re looking for a way to know that you are paying for the best of the best when it comes to the quality and the comfort that you’re looking at.  It may have a big price tag, but it’s certainly the best.

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GMAX GM54 Modular Unisex-adult Motorcycle Helmet:

This brand isn’t as known as some of the big names, butGMAX GM54S Modular Mens On Road Motorcycle Helmet it has the same safety and quality that you’re going to be looking for in a helmet.  It has a modular design, giving you the full coverage look and feel with the convenience of a flip up a visor.  These are becoming the most popular style options on the market right now.

It has the DOT approval rating with a thermoplastic shell.  You will be able to rest assured that you have some of the best protection that money can buy without a doubt.  You will also love the ventilation system that gives humidity and heat the boot so that you can ride in comfort from start to finish, even in the heat of the day.  This is also great for visibility, too, with the anti-fog option that is a must-have.  All of the comfort and convenience you need with the certification that you trust and love.

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HJC Helmets CL-16 Helmet:

HJC Helmets CL 16 HelmetYou’ll get affordable safety with this great option sitting on your head.  It will give you the validity of both the DOT and Snell approval ratings, which many will tell you are hard to get because of the strict guidelines that they have to get them both.  

With a strong UV protection in place, you’ll be able to keep yourself safe from the harming rays that will cause an issue when you are on the road for long periods of time.  This is paired with a great ventilation system that will offer a heat-free ride with fresh air flowing in perfectly to give everyone a great comfort.  There’s nothing quite like fresh air, after all.

Finally, you’ll get a great comfort with easily removed liners to give you a fresh comfort that can’t beat.  Combine that with the moisture wicking, and you’ve got a really great quality helmet staring at you to help you make the most out of your purchase.

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O’Neal Fastrack II Motorcycle Helmet:

Not a well known brand, this is a common option for those ONeal Fastrack II Motorcycle Helmetwho are on budgets and need to spend their money wisely, but without compromising their safety.  This helmet offers a DOT and ECE approval for a great comfort in knowing that you have the best of the best when it comes to the protection.  The fiberglass is what ensures it, with the lightweight touch with hard protection.

You’ll be able to get great ventilation for a comfortable ride, a well loved feature by those in hot environments.  You’re also going to be getting those same high quality washable and removable comfort liners that will give you an odor-free ride from start to finish, even if you are out every day.

A unique feature of this helmet is the fact that it has speakers.  These are great in their quality and location.  It allows you to talk freely with (and hear clearly)  the other riders with you, or you can enjoy some music on the radio if that’s more your style.  It’s a great feature that is hard to find anywhere else.  It gives a luxurious feel to the helmet so that everyone can take the time to really enjoy the great parts of it in all of their variety.

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Matte Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet:

Matte Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle HelmetAlso great for all of those on a budget, this helmet offers a DOT certification for a well-deserved peace of mind, This model is especially great for neck protection in the event of a crash.  This makes it a winner right away, but it’s just the beginning of the perks.

You’ll notice a great aerodynamic option with this helmet that takes away from physical fatigue and strain during those long journeys.  This also has a lot to offer for the lightweight protection idea as well.

Absorbing all odors and liquids, the liners are easily and comfortably removed for a great fit each time that you want to make your helmet smell amazing.  The lining is also great for added impact protection, too.

Lastly, unique to this helmet is the idea that you can get a clear and a smoked visor,  The smoked option is great for those days where you’re riding with a lot of glare.  It’ll take a lot of the strain off and offer you options when you want to change things up a little bit, too.

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Scorpion EXO-1100 Solid Helmet:

Another affordable option that makes it a solidScorpion EXO 1100 Solid Helmet contender for those that need quality and affordability in one place, this helmet starts off its perks with a lightweight fibreglass shell that has the DOT approval.  They are going to give you a great additional layer of support, too, with the chin bar and the linked in EPS lining.

With the right kind of fit, you’ll be able to get a really good feel for this helmet, even if you are one of those that normally has a hard time fitting into traditional helmets.  It offers great removal cushioning so that you can make the fit even better off than you would have thought.

With a great movable visor that is gently smoked for glare resistance, you get a fantastic protection plan with the convenience of opening the face up when you want to.  If you want to replace the facial shield, it takes less than 10 seconds and requires no specialized tools, which is a huge perk.  Great for on the go assurances, too.

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So, ten great options that are going to give you lots of great variety and differences that you, personally, can see how you wish to.  Picking a favourite may seem hard, but you only have to take a glance at all of these and see that they are all top of the line.

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