Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the feel of the open road, the rush of the wind, the feeling of power as you weave through the lanes and enjoy the ride on your motorcycle…it’s an incredible overall feeling.  That being said, despite the nice “lone wolf” kind of feeling that you’re looking for, there are times when it’s nice to talk openly and freely with someone that you love, and the way to do that is with a bluetooth motorcycle helmet.  Take a look at the best models on the market right now:

Our Top 5 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

O’Neal Commander

ONeal Commander Bluetooth HelmetThis has the perfect combination of comfort, style, and safety.  When it comes to a motorcycle helmet, it’s pretty hard to beat that excellent trifecta that can give you so much when you’re on the road.  You’ll be getting the comfortable suede liner that is removable and washable.  You’ll be getting a great visor, too, which is great if you’re looking for enhanced visibility when you are on the road.  

The helmet has a great weight that is going to give you the security that you need but the comfort that will keep you from having strain in your shoulders or your neck.  You’ll also have the ECE and DOT certifications that will give you the peace of mind that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Lastly, the Bluetooth component is great for up to 10 hours of talk time and a great stereo system for music the way that you want it  that will give way to a call that is coming in so that you never miss a chat with your loved ones.

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O’Neal Fastrack II

Next, this one has a great budget pleaser in that it will give youONeal Fastrack II Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Technology the quality that you’re looking for, but still has the features that you need and want in your motorcycle helmet.  It has a lightweight construction, still with the DOT and ECE assurances so that your safety is never compromised for the modern features.

You’ll be able to have a lot more fresh air with the great ventilation in place, which gives you much more comfort than you thought possible in a helmet.  This combined with the the enhanced comfort liner that is easily washable and perfect for cleaning when you want, you’re getting a lot in this option that is going to impress you.

The design is great for a lightweight approach, but still with the heavy duty protection.  It also comes in a couple colour options – important – and extra sizes so that you can have an enhanced fit.

The Bluetooth component has a lot to offer with the great benefits that go along with the multidirectional speakers  The speakers are fantastic for stereo sound and the best quality feel that is going to really change the way that you look at motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth.

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BILT Techno

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle HelmetUnlike some of the helmets that have the Bluetooth capability, this one can offer a lot to the user, because you don’t have to have the newest smartphones to use it.  All you have to do is rely on the  back that it has Bluetooth capacity, and it is going to fully work with the helmet.  Sounds great already, right?  Additionally, it’s great for talking with passengers, unique to this option and a major perk to those who love talking as they drive.

It still has the design and safety options that you are going to be looking for in the DOT assurance that motorcyclists know to look for.  It has lots of sizing options and colour options, too, to make sure that you are going to be putting your money out there in the right direction no matter what it is that you are going to be looking for.

Lastly you’ll get the great quick release visor for convenience and comfort, and great quality vents and a washable liner that is fantastic for all those that are looking for a clean and comfortable ride each time.

Great for those on a budget, this is a great helmet to consider that gives you the comfort, custom look and feel, and Bluetooth power that you are looking for, all while making sure that you are not paying more for it than you can right now.

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If your’e looking for the best of the best, however, HJC CL MAXBT IIwhen it comes to Bluetooth options in your helmet, you should be looking at this one.  It has great reviews online and it has maximum custom options in terms of fit, colour and enjoyment of the Bluetooth features.  

It is made out of a strong material that is great for the design and safety angles.  Added on to this is the great visor features that will give you UV protection as well as some attention to the fact that you  can flip it up and down for comfort and feel, but make sure that you are going to be getting the safety that you need when it comes to the protection element.

The washable nylon options in the liners are great, too, for helping keep cool and fresh ride after ride.

Lastly, the Bluetooth options are endless and it is ready to work with the system that you want to put into it, making it fantastic for those who love to build their own style to give them a custom look and fit that will impress even the most advanced Bluetooth user.

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TORC-T27 HelmetThis is a Bluetooth helmet that has a bit of a higher price tag without a doubt, but it is going to give you the great results that will impress you and make you see the value in all that you are buying.  It is a great full face component that is still compact and lightweight to make sure that is comfortable worn by all of the different motorcycle riders out there that want a quality helmet that is going to impress them in big ways.  Better yet, it has the DOT and ECE certification to give you a great head start.

It features a venting method that is patented and revolutionary to give you a great quality breathing and heat control when you are riding.  Additionally, with Bluetooth 2.0, you’ll be able to have great quality in audio calls, GPS usage, music and all sorts of great features.  This is essentially a hyped up helmet with a lot to offer the technology lover that wants cutting edge technology.

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Sometimes choosing the right helmet can be hard.  You have to think about style, weight, look, security, features, etc.  The list goes on, but you can make your job so much easier if you simply remember that now is the time for you to look at the above options and pick your choice for this great list.  You get the security that you want and need, and the comfort of the modern Bluetooth option which most agree is a great add on feature to make it much more enjoyable for the long term motorcycle rider.

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

For some people, a helmet is just a helmet.  It offers coverage, safety in a collision, and a bit of style Bluetooth helmetthat is going to impress those who like to go out there and show off.  That being said, it can also be about fun and enjoyment, too, if you’re looking to make sure that you have he newest features, like Bluetooth.  As our technologically based world spins onward, motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are becoming more and more mainstream.  Here are some pros and cons that you should know about if you are considering one of them.



  • You can communicate freely with loved ones while you are driving without distraction, due to its handsfree nature.
  • You can get hold of all kinds of great features in the helmet that come with the Bluetooth capability, such as waterproofing, voice controls, a high quality sound that will impress even the biggest audio nerd, great surround sound speakers, and enhanced noise cancelation.  Even if you are someone who wants Bluetooth for one or two occasions, this is a good idea because you really are getting so much more that will give you a better experience when it comes to the quality of the helmet and its practical features
  • You still get the other perks of helmets like removable liners and safety certifications when you buy them.  No such thing as a compromise, here.



  • While some will disagree, there is such a thing has having too many gadgets.  Pros and Cons of the Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetsIf you are no a Bluetooth user in a big way, you’ll find that a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will have too many extra features that you don’t need.
  • If you are driving on the highway – or at high speeds elsewhere – you may find that you still won’t be able to hear your music properly.  These are intended primarily for talking and keeping in touch with loved ones, so the music aspect is normally secondary.  Make sure you get one with controls to help you make the most out of it.
  • You have to make sure that you aren’t compromising for a cheaper helmet.  Bluetooth often costs more, so you need to make sure that you are still getting the comfort and protection that you are looking for in a helmet.  This should always be the first things to look at.


Things to consider:

If you’re looking at this closely as a purchase you’d like to make, there are a few things that you should always take a look at to make sure that you are not wasting your money or your effort on looking at a Bluetooth helmet.

water proofWaterproofing:

If you want the Bluetooth functioning to work properly when the time comes for you to be able to use it, you need to make sure that its waterproof.  This is a must, and you have to make sure that you don’t compromise on this.


controlControl options:

Make sure that you are able to have comfortable control over the different features in the Bluetooth functions.  Make sure that volume control is one of them so that you can listen to music at high speeds especially.  You may have to go to higher end models, but it’s certainly worth it if you want to be able to hear your music clearly.


brushBeware cheap paint jobs:

Remember that when you get a cheap helmet, the finish and paint is going to chip off pretty quickly.  You want to make sure that you continue to look great, so make sure you put time and effort into getting a worthy helmet.



500 feet is always a good range for a Bluetooth function in a helmet.  You’re going to need to make sure that it will properly adjust to the phone that you have, as incompatibility can be a huge issue in some users.


What else should I know?

Maybe you’re not totally sold on the idea of removable visor, especially if you’re used to a full coverage helmet, but they do exist in traditional full coverage helmets.  Example include the Blinc M2, Sena SMH-A0302, 2x FDC, and Sena SMH10D-11.  So, if you really love the idea of having a Bluetooth helmet but you want to have the full coverage that gives most people the peace of mind – whatever the reason may be – you can have all that you’re looking for and then some.


The thing is, a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet may not be the right option for everyone, but it can offer you a way to move into the modern world and still have the safety that you are going to be looking for in your life on the road.

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