Novelty motorcycle helmet

If you’re looking for a helmet for your motorcycle that is going to be equal parts safe and trendy, then you are definitely in the right place to get the job done.  You’ll find all of the best options here that are going to fit properly and make you look the part of a professional biker, which is why you’re out there on the road in the first place, right?  So, before you take a look around to find your dream style (seriously, wait up), take a look at all of the things that you need to know about your helmet selection.

First, remember that there are all sorts of options to choose from for style and comfort: German style vs Shorty, for example.  Are you, in fact, looking for a Race helmet, instead and just don’t know it, yet?  Exactly, it’s confusing.  So, take a look at these guidelines to see how you can find the best novelty motorcycle helmets for what you need.


Don’t Skip the Helmet

This is thing number one to remember: wear the helmet.  We all understand that there is a trade off to wearing them: helmet hair, discomfort, lack of fresh air, we’ve all been there.  However, if you are a serious biker or you want to take the art of biking seriously on a time to time basis, you need to follow this one rule. 

No one wants to think about getting in an accident, but if you do, the helmet will often be the difference between life and death.  So, take it seriously and get a helmet that is going to make you look good, feel good, and stay safe.  Yes, it’s all possible! 


Get the right size

Just like any other safety or fashion item that you may have, you need to make sure that it fits correctly.  This will make you more likely to wear it, and it’ll be a more comfortable experience that will keep you from resenting it entirely.  Here are some of the most popular sizes that you can find to figure out which is right for your head:


  • X-Small (XS) = 19 1/8″ – 20″
  • Small (S) = 20 1/8″ – 21″
  • Medium (M) = 21 1/8″ – 22″
  • Large (L) = 22 1/8″ – 23″
  • X-Large (XL) = 23 1/8″ – 24″
  • XX-Large (XXL) = 24 1/8″ – 25″


Make sure you find the right size for you and don’t go too big or small, it will only lead you to resent the thing and will lead you “forgetting” to wear it.

The other big thing is to know what you’re looking for in terms of fit and comfort, not to mention style and look.  You need to know what kind of helmet you’re looking for specifically by going to stores and checking them out.  When you have it narrowed down to style and size, you can start looking anywhere you want to to get the right details for you and your lifestyle as well as your budget and outlook.


What’s it made of?

Carbon Fiber HelmetRemember that you’re going to have to pay for quality.  You want to make sure you’re looking for the right helmets as far as materials go.  Fiber glass is a popular material that has been going in the high quality motorcycle helmets on the market, but recently there have been some made out of even higher quality, so you should read up on the different materials and see what you can find available for you within your budget.


Safety Ratings

Like anything else, there are different safety ratings that you should be looking for when you are choosing a helmet.  The main two that you should be educating yourself on are the DOT Standard and the Snell Standard.  If the helmet that you are considering doesn’t have either one of these ratings, you should walk away from it.  It’s a sign that it won’t protect you if worst comes to worst and you are going to be relying on it to safe your life in an accident.

  • DOT Standard: This is the basic safety rating for your motorcycle helmet, and all helmet sellers should be meeting this standard. It is done without any testing on the helmet itself, and can be guaranteed pretty easily.  That being said, DOT specialists will come periodically buy a helmet to make sure that it does actually stand up to the DOT name, so you can’t go and just stick the certification on there without actually making sure it’s accurate.  Still, this is the bare standard for a motorcycle helmet.
  • Snell Standard: This is one rating that you can look for and know that you are going to be getting one of the best quality helmets on the market. This is a kind of helmet that requires very rigid testing and specifications to make sure that you are properly taken care of.  When you buy one of these, you know that the actual helmet you are wearing has been tested and approved so that you can rely on its guarantee and know that you are getting what you’re paying for.  This testing standard is totally optional, so you may have to look for a while before you find it for yourself in your searching.  It is recommended if you are going to take your hunt seriously and you want the best of the best.


The thing about buying a motorcycle in all of its glory is that it might take you a few tries to get it right.  You need to take your time and do your research, getting opinions from fellow bikers, that sort of thing.  If you are careful and selective, you’ll get the best helmet for you personally.  These are some great pointers to have you starting in the right place and knowing what you should be looking for in certifications and sizes, but a lot of it is going to be a “touch and feel” experience that will lead you to the moment when you realize that you’ve found your perfect helmet.

Are  you a real biker?



There are approximately 800,000 novelty helmets which are sold each year in the United States. Those numbers continue to rise. So, if you are a biker without a helmet, go back to the store and get one right now. 


Ride safe and have fun!


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