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Skull Motorcycle Helmets


skull motorcycle helmet 1When you think of your stereotypical bikers, what do you think of in terms of the things that come along with them?  Leather jackets, bandanas and skulls.  Sound about right?  Well, you aren’t alone with that assumption.  Since the 1950s or earlier, the skull has been associated with motorcyclists and all that they stand there.  But did you know that the skull actually can be used in a variety of ways that will give you a whole new understanding of it? 

What it symbolizes

Despite what you may know about the skull already, odds are that you don’t know all of the different ways that it can reach out and touch our worlds.  It is incredible to think that there is this much symbolism in something that we tend to think is linked to only one or two things, such as Halloween and pirates.  The different interpretations could include the belief of life after death, a warning or discouraging factor, a good luck symbol, or as a fashion statement.  There are much more specific ways that we can tear this down, however.  Let’s take a look at it.


 – Easily recognizable

This is a symbol that you can identify no matter what form it takes using what colours it uses or shapes.  Our brains are able to recognize it easier than most other symbols and this is why we can see it in so many versions and still recognize it, no matter what the actual meaning is to us.  It’s a fun design to play around and make unique for this reason, it’s easy for everyone to admire and enjoy in various ways.


 – Danger

You’ve seen the skull as a symbol before – in fact, you probably see it as that sort of symbol all of the time – on poison containers.  This is going to help you distinguish between what is safe to ingest and what isn’t.  It’s often interpreted as a pirate’s ship flag with a skull mean danger, too.  It warned others to stay away.  This tends to be the most common way that we can understand it.


 – Celebration of the deceased

This is a way that most people are not aware of, but it has its roots in the Aztec civilization.  The skull would symbol rebirth, life after death for them.  It translates in our world to the idea that there is something waiting for us after life the skull acts as a symbol of all of that.  This is not something that is seen much in our modern society, though there is a hint in it in the celebration of the Día de los muertos with the sugar skulls.  These symbolize hope and life.

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 – A change in life

Another interpretation of skulls is that it shows us that there is a large change coming in our lives.  This is a reading as taken in tarot cards and speaks to the idea that it’s the end of one era and the beginning of a new one that is headed your way.  It means that something is going to be shifting in a big way and you need to be ready for it when those changes and moves do occur, whenever that might be.  The trick is to see this change as not a good thing and not a bad thing.  A skull could just be taken as a version of shifting in your life.


 – Good luck charm

Believe it or not, a skull can be seen as a good luck charm, much the same as a rabbit’s foot, though a lot of people wouldn’t think of it like that.  A skull is seem as something that keeps you safe in rough times when you need something that is going to push away all of those negative spirits and keep you in a positive place with a positive attitude.


 – As a symbol of vanity and beauty

A skull symbolizes natural beauty and glory as something that is always changing and growing throughout time.  It also is seen as something that is fragile and will quickly morph and change into something else that is new and beautiful in no time.  It shows natural beauty and shifting beauty in this way.


 – Rebellion

The way that we often see skulls in modern day is as a symbol of rebellion.  It means that the wearers of these skulls are bold and not afraid to go against the grain of everyone else.  They follow their own rules and achieve their own goals .  This is often how a lot of people see bikers, too, so it’s a common combination effect.


 – Fashion

For many years, now, skulls have been seem as a serious fashion accent in bikers and in common fashion must-haves for those who are looking for a way to get interested in the edgy style.  You see them on everything from coffee cups to skirts, so it’s definitely something that inspires a lot of fashion loving people out there.

As a fashion statement

skull motorcycle helmet 4What we are seeing now is skull motorcycle helmets.  They come in various sizes and designs, but they are popular now and have been popular for a long time in terms of their impact with bikers.  Since the brain can recognize the skull in various shapes and versions, a lot of helmet designers will take serious liberties on the look and feel to give the skull helmet a unique twist.  It’s something that is going to continue to be a trend for a long time to come.

Skulls and motorcyclists are always going to go hand in hand when it comes to the general public, so you may as well get ahead of the curve and start looking around the the helmets with skull designs so that you can look the part in a unique style that will have you riding with a fresh and unique look and feel that is all about you and your bike.

Skull Motorcycle Helmets for Sale

Even More Skull Motorcycle Helmets

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In Conclusion

The post has covered only some of the historical and modern day interpretations of the skull images. When trying it in to why riders wear skull motorcycle helmets the interpretations is left up to the individual, if indeed there is anything to interrupt. One thing that will never change in our psyche however, is that the skull will always remind us of our own mortality. The life is short and death is inevitable. A skull with a wreath of roses as a crown is referred to as “carpe diem”, which means “seize the day” in Latin.


Looking at the skull as a symbol from this point of view encourages us to live life to the fullest and view the skull as a positive reminder that we are alive. 

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